This waiting is getting a little old...

  1. I have wanted a pomme agenda for weeks now!:cursing:
    Of course everytime I go to eluxury they don't have it. I do NOT want to pay the tax because I gave $1,000s just to tax last year!

    I'm about to just order something else and wait until the pomme appears

    also, is there anywhere else to purchase the filofax sheets besides Just like the Pomme they are always sold out of what I want!

    as much as I love LV, man do I hate LV!:cursing:
  2. I just bought one from them Friday night. They must get them in and sell right out!
  3. I am really pathetic..I am just sitting here refreshing the page and praying!
  4. awww! if i see it again I will let you know!
  5. Try to be patient....I know it's hard when you want something really bad. Elux's inventory seems to get quite depleated over the weekend, and today is only Monday. Try looking later tonight around 11:30-12am pst. If not tonight, they're bound to have more sometime this week. Keep checking.;)