This video will make you smile!

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  1. LOL!!!
    The cat with the puppy is very patient! The puppy is chewing her ears!!!
    I have seen the video of the angry cat before. Poor kitty is scared...:sad: I used to work with hyperthyroid cats and they are just cute grumpy old kitties:heart: I met few that were like the poor kitty in the video... My scarred arm will tell stories... BUT I LOVE CATS NO MATTER WHAT, PERIOD!:heart::heart:
  2. meow :smile:~
  3. Awwwe regarding the puppy and cat..

    Yeah, I've seen that mean cat video a long time ago...funny!
  4. LOL, whenever I watch a cute animal video clip, I always end up wasting hours on YouTube looking at all the goofy dog videos... Do a search on "Puppy or Chicken?" So funny!
  5. LOL @ the puppy and cat video. My dog loves to lick my cat's ears for some reason, and the cat likes it too... lol, they are both really weird! :weird:
  6. Oh that puppy was sooo cute!!! Was it a baby maltese?

    Thanks for that it was really really adorable!