This TV presenter gone completely bonkers

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  1. :wtf: This woman has completely lost her marbles. I'm not sure whether to laugh of be afraid. Uh ... nice headline by the way. And you might want to turn down the volume a little bit.


    Busty TV presenter fined over phone violence

    Monday, January 12, 2009

    A TV station has been fined £1,000 after the presenter on a live phone in quiz show threw a fit after no viewers called in.
    Busty presenter Adela Lupse started screaming at the camera, smashed the phone on the ground and then jumped up and down on it before grinding the phone under her foot.

    At the same time she screamed repeatedly at the camera "I want the phone to ring now. Now. Call me now."

    Angry TV bosses fired her after the outburst on Romanian TV station National TV.

    But Lupse, who has been the show's presenter for three years, said: "Maybe I was a bit over the top but I wanted to get people to call - there is a lot of pressure to get people to call in with the correct answer. It was a bad day."

    But Romanian TV watchdog the National Audiovisual Council of Romania failed to see the funny side and fined the station £1,089 for the outburst that showed "unjustified violence".

    It also ruled that the show be slapped with an X rating and only broadcast after 10pm when children are in bed.
  2. wow....i think she forgot her happy pill that day.
  3. lol wtf is that show first off... with a phone like that and a dry erase board? this is tv? not some crazy chick broadcasting from the supply room of her office? :roflmfao:

    and half the screen is taken up with the ticker and titles! haha
  4. rating X... haha.

    i know for a fact they see more "X" rated stuff than this on european tv. even commercials. that rating is insane. i hope their system is different than ours
  5. Maybe she was on comission ;)