This Trend Wont Be Around Long.... I Hope. A New Meaning To LOW Jeans !!

  1. :hs:Thats so cute! I have got to run out and get me a pair.........:yucky::sick:
  2. OMG that is HILARIOUS!!!!!
  3. Lmao?!
  4. Ew. Way too much information going on there.
  5. :tdown:
  6. So how long until Britney has a pair????
  7. :wtf:
  8. Ewwww...
  9. That is mingin. Gross. lol.
  10. Gross.
  11. Lovin' it. (for maybe when I walk the streets)
  12. Oh my god. I have to close my eyes. :tdown:
  13. That is awful! :sick: I seriously hope that does not catch on
  14. :o Oh Dear Oh Dear!