This Town is WHaCK.

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  1. so i've seen a "replica" Sienna in some rougey color, and i've seen a "replica" Maria or Carla, i couldn't tell, in some chocolatey color, but never a real kooba other than my own. both of these knockoff handbags were spotted while in shaws. the sienna was while i was shopping after i got off of work and the other, *the carla* was TODAY while i was working!


    where are the real kooba lovers eh? right here!

    not WHERE I LIVE. lame.
  2. Not where I live either, Bliss, if that's any consolation...
  3. Ha! Where I live, when you say where are the "Kooba's", they think you are asking about musical instruments in the high school band and that you mispronounced the instrument.
  4. I've never seen anyone but yours truly carrying Kooba's, (unless you count our grocery store magazine racks...the Koobas pop up there now & then!)
  5. This town wouldn't know ANY designer bag if it smacked them upside the head (and believe me, I've been tempted!). No Koobas here, either, so you aren't alone!
  6. I thought I saw a metallic army sienna once here... but when I approached the lady carrying it, it was really a Kooba knock-off with a Gucci label. Haven't spotted any other close encounters either... Boo!
  7. I don't thnk anyone in northeast Ohio knows what a Kooba is! That may be going a bit too far, but it's not many, I'm sure. Anyone I've talked to, or has asked me says 'what is Kooba? I've never heard of that'! Coach is the big thing around here, you see Coach bags on everybody (or fake LV's).
    I deal with alot of different people on a daily basis, and it never fails to amaze me to see the bags some carry. Story in point: Very nice lady (customer of ours) drives a Jag, is always dressed to the 9's, high end stuff, and carries the worst LV knock off I've ever seen IRL (and I see alot!)
    Sorry to babble and get off-topic, but it makes me jst sit and shake my head:nogood:! No way will I ever own, or carry a fake bag. If I can't have the real thing, than I won't have one at all.
  8. I live near Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio. Do I ever see Koobas here, NOPE.

    They sell them in our Saks and Off 5th but I must be the only one buying them. The only time I spotted one was at the Boutique where I purchased my Maria. The SA showed me her vintage Kooba, one with multi-striped lining. That's it.

    All I ever see around here are Coach and fake LV's.
  9. i see a PLETHORA of Dooney, a scoach of Coach, and fake LV. never kooba.

    i'm glad i'm not alone ;)
  10. I have never seen a kooba in my area of London (East).
    Since I have started admiring designer bags in general I always find myself looking at what other people are carrying around here.

    There are some dire specimens!

    If I ever see a Kooba here I will strip off and run down the road in shock! It will never happen. Mind you, when the Olympics come here (Its been held in my borough) and all the tourists come over to watch the events, they may bring a kooba or two with them. I will keep my eyes open then.

    The closest I have come to seeing any 'designer' bag was a lil' stall in the mall selling bags. They had a fake bright yellow Chloe Paddy, and a black one.

    I thought I would test the sales lady and see what line she spun me.
    I asked her the brand. She said Chloe! (yeah right!!!) So I asked her if it was real leather. She hesitated and said 'Its half'...

    I had to laugh. I asked her which half is leather and which isnt. She got stuck with her words so I helped her out buy telling her that it was all imitation leather, and it was a replica.

    The cheeky cow then says that seeing as I know that its not real, she will give it to me for £30 instead of £75!!
    I had a good laugh that day.

    Anyway...Im waffling......
  11. What would be cool is a thread of 'Kooba sitings', if you DO see one while out and about, let us know.
  12. ha if i see one i'll pee. it's not gonna happen. my town is kinda effin dumpy LOL.

    BUT if i do see one in my travels you're DAMN SKIPPY i'll be announcing it LOL!!!
  13. I never see Koobas, though the local Nordstrom carries them in large quantity. I do see lots of Coach, many tweens and teens carry them in the smaller sizes. (We have an outlet not too far from town.) Lots of authentic Dooney and LV, but also lots and lots of fakes!

    If you had a camera phone, you could snap some photos a la James Bond. Then we could do "Kooba Do's and Dont's!" DO wear your Kooba slung over your shoulder in a carefree, confident manner! DON'T set your Kooba down on the floor in a public restroom!
  14. I like this idea!!!!! Should be fun!!
  15. It's funny, here in NYC, you always know when there's been a sample sale as suddenly everyone carries a Kooba. One of my friends actually used to work for the accounting firm that has Kooba as a client, she didn't know anything about the bags until I informed her. On the subject of fakes one of my co-workers carries the most horrendous white Sienna-inspired bag. That bag just bugs me no end.