This town is on FIRE! (not really, but close!)

  1. Lots of wildfires going on here in Idaho (over 1,000,000 acres) and there is one just outside of Ketchum. So far, it has burned over 14,000 acres here, and there have been evacuations in some of the neighborhoods. Lots of smoke! They are saying it may take several weeks to months to get it out. I took some pics yesterday as DH and I went up to help some friends move some of their things out of their cabin north of town.



  2. Yeah, I've heard about those fires because my SO is orginally from Montana and they've finally calmed it's Idaho going through that. Hope it passes through without any deaths or property damage.
  3. Yeah, if you look at a map of the fires in Idaho, it looks like the whole state is on fire.
  4. Here are a few more pics that a friend sent me:
    Fire Crew.JPG Flaming Tree.JPG Castle Rock Flames2.JPG
  5. Wow, I hope everyone is ok!
  6. Some friends w/a newborn are going to go out of town for a while, because the smoke is so bad. The hills around town are hidden by smoke this morning.
  7. Oh wow, that's horrible. I hope that they can get it under control soon.
  8. Wow this is horrible. I was just there this Winter.

    Be safe!!
  9. They say it could take several weeks to months to get it under control. They are doing more back burns today to try to keep it out of town.
  10. Thanks, Megs!

    Yeah, we wish it was winter, too! It reminds me of the Yellowstone fire that didn't go out until the snow came. Hopefully, they will be able to keep it at bay, at the very least. We are all thankful here for the fire fighting crews who are working so hard!

    Thanks for all the good wishes everyone!
  11. So, this is pretty cool! The fire has grown to over 18.000 acres,but it is now 11% contained, and over 1250 firefighters are working on the blaze. This should help!

    NASA's Ames Research Center and USDA Forest Service (USFS) are working to bring real-time data to firefighters by flying an unmanned research aircraft that will capture infrared and visual information. A flight covering the Castle Rock Fire is scheduled for Friday night and will give firefighters real-time infrared information. The data will be used to plan the next day's suppression actions. "We're excited about helping NASA test this technology and we hope it will be of great benefit as we decide where to best place our resources," said Incident Commander Jean Pincha-Tulley.
    The project, called The Wildfire Research and Applications Partnership (WRAP) evolved from the agencies' common interest in evolving new sources of information and knowledge management tools to improve understanding, and wherever necessary, mitigate the effects of wildfires. Past years have seen a rise in both the number and intensity of fires, creating a challenging operational environment. Limited numbers of fire fighters, equipment, and other resources, require precise and accurate information on the need to task these assets in the most efficient manner given current models of fire progression. With the recent major influx of development at the wildland fringe, the necessity for understanding fire behavior and movement is increasingly complex and requires improved, timely information to reduce loss of life, property and resources.
    Facts about tonight's flight:
    • The unmanned craft will take off from Edwards Air Force Base in California and has the fuel capacity to stay aloft for 20 hours. This will allow the craft to fly over six fires in Idaho and Montana.
    • The aircraft will arrive over the Castle Rock Fire between 10:00 and 11:00 pm and fly at an altitude of 23,000 feet.
    • The flight will provide real-time infrared data, which will also be available on Google Earth.
    • For more information on the project, including how to access Google Earth, please access the project website at:
  12. Wow, those are amazing photos.

    I hope everyone stays safe! Wishing you lots of rain WITHOUT lightening!