This Tod's Bag

  1. Hey guys. I need help :biggrin:

    I know this bag is Tod's, but I don't know the exact name of the model. It looks like the D bag to me but a bit different. Help please?! :smile:

  2. :heart: that bag!

    It's a restyled D bag in quilted leather.
  3. Gorgeous! I love Tod's!
  4. This bag, d-bag in white, restyled
    sold on eBay recently. The seller somehow gets her hands on current Tods and sells for less than 1/2!! I got a bag and it is Authentic and new. Email her, she may be able to get you that bag.

    I saw it at the NYC store last month, very nice bag!
  5. It does look like the D-bag. I believe that it is the quilted version. Tod's shows one exactly like it on their website as part of the spring/ summer collection - but in alligator! Gorgeous!! They are also coming out with a black patent version for the fall. You could try calling one of their boutiques.
  6. I LOVE this bag! I didn't know it came in the quilted besides the $28,000 Alligator - LOL!!
    Anyone know the price of the regular quilted???

  7. Do you know if the Black Patent is going to be Quilted???

  8. No, it is not going to be quilted. Or at least the one that I saw in the Chicago store was not quilted. It is gorgeous!!! You can see a picture of it at

  9. Thanks! I am going to Chicago this Saturday - I hope they have it there still!!
  10. Tdf!
  11. Oooo....I LOVE IT!!!! It's gorgeous!! I hope you get it! Don't forget to post pics if you do!!!
  12. This is beautiful!
  13. It's lovely- the big, thick quilting reminds me of a Marc Jacobs.