This thread is to clear my name! (Ldybug33)

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New York City
Jun 15, 2008

I want to write this post because recently, my personal information has been posted in this forum!

First off, my ebay account is xx....yea I guess there was a whole thread about me that I didn't know about.

Basically, I have been selling on ebay for over 10 years, and I have over 800 feedbacks. I am an honest seller, and I always communicate with my buyers! I am active on TPF and I love all of you, and I have made great friends here. Many of you know me!!!
I am just a girl who loves fashion, and I buy and sell on ebay all the time.......

That being said, I recently tried to sell some items on Bonzale. I listed a few things, and they never sold. A month went by....and no bites....

So, I listed those items on ebay to try to sell them there, and they sold.

Done. I forgot about it.

Recently, a buyer purchased one of my items on Bonzale. I HAD NO IDEA. The past two weeks have been hard for me, I rescued a dog and had to find him a home, and then my Shih Tzu had a massive seizure on Thursday, and I spent all night in the ER with him......

I didn't check my email and I honestly had no idea that this buyer had purchased my item on Bonzale and paid....

In fact, I forgot all about Bonzale and I forgot I still had items listed there.....

I hadn't checked my paypal account in a while since I hadn't been selling anything....

In any case, this buyer searched for me on TPF, and some idiot posted all my personal information on here, WHICH IS AGAINST THE RULES!!!
I am very upset over this because this whole situation was an honest mistake on my part, and I meant no harm at all. I am very innocent in all of this, I had no idea this person even purchased my item on Bonzale!

I just joined Bonzale a month ago, and I never checked it again, I only started to try Bonzale because of the stupid restrictions ebay now puts on our selling accounts....

I listed the items on Bonzale, and I got no buyers, and I forgot about it!!!!!!!!!

I honestly didn't even know this woman bought my item until this morning!!!!!!!

In any case, the moment I found out about this, I ISSUED THE BUYER A FULL REFUND!!!!

My personal information is still in that thread entitled "where oh where can Ldybug33 be?"

I really would like my personal information removed asap, and I want everyone to know my side of the situation.

It's not cool to accuse someone of something without knowing all the details, and it's REALLY NOT COOL for someone to post someone's personal information on here!!!!!!:tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown:
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New York City
Jun 15, 2008
And I also want to respond to those posters who mentioned that people should look at my negative feedback.....

Wow. I have over 800 positive feedbacks, and only 4 negatives, in over 10 years!!!

There are two sides to every story. Remember that. All the negatives I got have explanations. You can't always deal with nice people on ebay. You sellers should know this. You get negatives sometimes that you don't deserve. And in any case, my record should speak for itself.

Wow, talk about guilty until proven innocent....

I just wanted to clear my name because it isn't fair for me to get slandered on here for no reason.

Most of you know me, and I love TPF and all of you. I am nice and honest, and I would NEVER scam anyone!

Thanks :rolleyes:


Jul 13, 2008
I don't recall the other thread, but it definitely just sounds like a misunderstanding. Personally, I can totally see how it happened. We sellers do have lives outside of Ebay. I have to try really hard to remember to update my Bonanzle store with my Ebay items that sold, and right now it's only stocked with the stuff I've been banned to list on Ebay.

Anyway, I hope this gets cleared up and your personal information removed. Good luck!


Nov 24, 2006
^^^Yes, contact a mod, and all your personal info will be removed. I haven't looked at the thread, so I don't know if this has already been resolved. Just go to the post, and click the "exclamation point" and you can report the post to a moderator. Good luck, and I'm sorry that you are going through this.


New York City
Jun 15, 2008

I resolved the problem with the girl who bought my item. I issued her a full refund ASAP.

The mods have now removed all my personal information. I do want to report the TPFer who posted my personal information, that was NOT COOL.

Is it possible to have her banned? I am really upset over this, she crossed a line...

Again, there are two sides to every story, and this was just a mistake on my part...

thanks again!


Apr 28, 2008
Hi everyone. I am/was the Buyer on Ldybug33's Bonanzle's auction.

I did receive my refund. Thank you Ldybug33. I hope that your dog gets better very very soon.

I did not post any personal information about Ldybug33 on my thread.
The Mod's have removed all personal information from that thread and the thread has been closed. Thanks to the Mods!!!

At first I did not know that she had an *bay and a bonanzle account.

However when I did realize that their were two accounts - I started to do some research noticed that the item was sold on *bay.

I went into panic mode. (Panic mode is now OVER!!!!)

I tried to contact her via emails, bonanzle messages, paypal email address, etc.
Still no response.
I finally turned to tPF for help.
Then I checked the paypal there were different email address and I thought someone stolen her account, auction, pictures etc.

However Ldybug33 didn't respond because she was helping an animal find a home :smile: and becuase her dog is very ill.

ALL is good. Got my Refund and Ready to SHOP!!!!

Best of luck to Ldybug33 and I hope your dog gets better soon.


Daddy's Little Girl
Feb 11, 2008
ask the purseforum to take your personal details off the website and report the person who listed them!

It has actually already been removed, but your MySpace page is still there.

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I hope he's OK. You never mentioned if he came out of it OK.

Regardless, I agree with what you said. Although we get frustrated as buyers who feel as though we're being scammed, we have to remember that there are several thousand members on tPF and therefore, there is always a slight chance that that person is also a member here. Thus, being careful not to offend any of those members—especially in this case where the situation was an oversight and completely innocent.

That being said, I'm glad it worked out for both parties involved.

I'm sorry you felt slandered, julierose, because I know if the tables were turned, I would feel the same way. But because you have come on here and discussed your side of the story, I am certain that nobody will hold a grudge regarding your side. I can't imagine anybody doing that.

Thanks again and I hope your dog is well.


New York City
Jun 15, 2008

Again, I am so sorry about this mixup! If I had been checking my email more often, I would have resolved this sooner!

I never used Bonzale before, I posted my items there, and forgot about them, it was my mistake!

I am sorry I didn't realize sooner that you had actually purchased my item!

In any case, happy shopping!!!!!!! Good luck finding another LV coin purse!

I am sorry I couldn't sell you mine!


Apr 23, 2007
By the way, this was the TPFer who posted all my personal information:


The person was trying to help - granted they should have sent a personal message rather than post your details but they are new to the forum so may not have read the full terms and conditions. The buyer is happy, you've put your side of the story over so perhaps a stern warning from the mods is all that is required in this instance....:shrugs:
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