This summer's rockin' hairstyles

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  1. I've been in need of a new hairstyle this summer and a possible new hair color or highlights. Anyone know what kind of hairstyles are gonna rock this summer? Photos of hairstyles would help a lot!:tup:
  2. I don't know what's in this summer, but I am seriously thinking of getting the "Rachel" cut (from Jennifer Aniston's Friends's early days). I saw someone the other day who said she'd just gotten her long hair cut off in that style, and I have to say, it looked lovely.

    I think in the summer, some extra highlights are nice too!
  3. a cute angular bob or sideswept bangs. They're very sexy.
  4. I think bobs may be in this season? Most girls at my job are getting one. I'm soon, too!
  5. I've actually been trying to grow out my hair, it's just past my shoulders right now (I chopped it about 8 mos ago). But anyway, sideswept bangs and highlights are hot right now, I also like bangs.
  6. going "blonder" is a must for summer! [ but then again i'm a hair stylist who does hair in san diego .. so blonde is like 75% of my clientele, lol! ]

    .. but lightining up is a must and adds a lot to the haircut u already have.

    as far as cuts go .. i think short and long are pretty equal. whether u are short or long .. something touseled, natural .. layers .. a lot of movement!
  7. I'm going to actually try to maintain darker hair for summer. My natural colour is med brown with a LOT of red tone to it but grows out almost black. It doesn't go well with my inevitable summer tan [I don't try to but it ends up that way], and darker hair makes me look TOO gothic in the winter.

    It's kind of the opposite of what's the normal practice, but then again I think wearing white is better suited to the winter than to summer...
  8. I'm in the sidesweep bangs gang and have had them like these for about two years. I cut my long hair off 18 months ago and had the cut that Victoria Beckham currently has. My hair is now past my shoulders with the same sidesweep bangs which I've let grow longer for a slightly edgier look on nights out
  9. Everywhere I turn on tv everyone has long hair with long bangs and lots of layers.
  10. Can someone please post a pic of this popular 'sideswept bangs' look? :tup:
  11. Here are some pictures of side swept bangs...

    Attached Files:

  12. ^^^thanks - that's a lovely look, albeit not for me.

    I too am looking for inspiration, but for a longer style - say shoulder length. Am thinking Kim Cattrall - layers, sexy, medium-length-with-layers-and-movement-but-avoiding-the-dreaded-mullet

    Is there anything this year that sounds like that?
  13. You can still do the side swept bangs with longer hair. I'm planning on cutting my hair short so all the pics I have right now are shorter styles.

    I noticed you are from the UK. I think you call bangs a fringe there. It just means wearing the fringe with the hair brushed to the side. It also requires a side part. Typically long layers are usually cut into the hair to give it a lot of shape and movement.

    Here's some examples with longer hair:

  14. [​IMG]

    One more...
  15. I'm thinking about a dramatic bob.