This style jacket work with a black pencil skirt?

  1. Not this jacket exactly, but a similar cut?


    I can't find a picture of the jacket I have, but it's not unlike this one. It's black, the sleeves are poofy elbow-length, and has a capelet style back. It's by Theory.

    I want to wear with a black pencil skirt and these shoes:

    It's for a night out at a nice restaurant in Paris. Too much?
  2. I have a similar outfit except i wear mine with boots. Its awesome and very flattering. My only suggestion is to wear a top that goes past the jacket in the colour of your pencil skirt but thats only my opinion. I think it will be perfect on your night out. Love the shoes by the way.
  3. Thanks! The shoes are Cole Haan and are very comfortable for heels.

    The top I'll wear under the jacket is black as well, and is just a bit longer than the jacket so that should work. Thanks for your response! This is a bit of a different style for me, but I really love the look.
  4. Absolutely! I think that will look great! I have a swing jacket that I always wear with my skinny jeans. I think that as long as you're balanced, then it works!
  5. Speaking of the jacket, a male friend came up to me and goes, where is the rest of the sleeves? Did the maker of the jacket run out of money?? :roflmfao:
  6. I think so! Its very flared and a pencil skirt plus those heels will elongate your look!
  7. i love it, you're going to rock in that outfit.
  8. it will look very chic
  9. Yes, it'll look fab. You can go full force with black tights.
  10. What a great outfit! I love swing jackets
  11. Thanks, everyone for your responses! I do plan to wear black tights as well.
  12. it is such a cute jacket! if it were me, i would probably wear a regular, long white or black tank underneath with a nice pair of jeans and heels.
  13. Normally I do wear the jacket with jeans or black slim ankle pants, but the restaurant we're planning to visit is pretty dressy and I don't think jeans would work in that instance.
  14. totally, I would wear it with a pencil skirt. Would be so cute with a white top.
  15. ummm, i think those pumps and the jacket might look better with jeans.