This stinks!

  1. :crybaby:My Manhattan PM didn't sell on eBay. Now I'm stuck with a purse I don't like. GRRR!
  2. keep trying, dont give up
  3. Why don't you re-list it?
  4. Yeah I guess I could. It just makes me mad that like 16 people were watching it and 5 people bid on it ....where were the other 11???? Oh well
  5. :tup::tup:
  6. Re-list and make sure the end date and time is convenient for prospective bidders.
  7. How much did you have it listed for?
  8. Also, be sure you have good, clear pics, especially of the heat stamp (reads "Louis Vuitton Paris made in ___"), the date code, the screws on the underside of the pockets, inside and zippers.
    We get a lot of questions on the authentication board about different bags and while they may be authentic, the more time it takes for people to ask for more pictures, the less time there is for them to bid.

    It'll sell, don't worry.
  9. I have the reserve price set at what I payed for it...$1450

    I definitely made sure to get good pictures (I learned a lot here):tup: I wish I could paste the listing here so you guys could give me your input.
  10. You might want to lower the reserve price a little. Maybe $100. You want buyers to think they are getting a deal. Good luck!!!
  11. How about selling it lower?
  12. I am going to sound like a b*tch but for the purse to sell I would have to give it away at $850. I would rather keep it than give it away that cheap.
  13. You could also try selling it on craigslist.... or ask your co-workers if they are interested! I've been lucky to have sold several LV items to one of my co-workers!!
  14. No, but people like the thrill of bidding(from what I see). So you might want to start the bidding low, with a reserve price(a bit lower than the retail price). You will see how people will bid on it. Cheer up!!!! It will sell!!:p
  15. Oh I have it starting at $199 with a reserve of $1450. I'll be alright :girlsigh:THANKS!!