This statement earring: Keep or Return?

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  1. Hi ladies, help me out here!
    I bought this pair of inexpensive earrings (Australian); I really liked it when I saw it in the shops but I am not too sure now. The tassels are grey. And it is also slightly heavy.

    I love to stock up on statement earrings for events and year end parties. I have not purchased any since the year started, thoughts? Thank you! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458120062.479243.jpg
  2. Hi there, that is an interesting earring! Is it a pearl finish on the central disc? It is hard to be certain about what I am seeing in the photograph. What is the designer's name? I like the look on you but I also dislike wearing heavy earrings.
  3. Hi there! It's by Lovisa. You are right, it is a faux round pearl. I like the contrast between the pearl and the tassels! Let me see if I can pull up the picture from their website?
  4. It's not my style so not something I'd like. If you like it and it was inexpensive and you will get wear out of it, keep it.
  5. If they're heavy and you're not sure about them, then return. Seems like a recipe for one of those things that sit in the jewelry box gathering dust.
  6. I think they look great! I can see how these would look awesome to dress up or down. It looks like you rock them.

    However, you must be comfortable. Is there anything to you can add (like lobe wonder) to lessen the perceived weight of the earrings?
  7. My inexpensive statement earrings are one color, like my LARGE all black chandelier earrings. I buy single color so the "statement" supports the rest of me (hair, makeup, clothing) rather than distracting.

    I don't know you so its not my place to say... but I'd give those earrings above a pass.
  8. I think those earrings work very well as statement earrings. Of course, it's hard to judge without seeing your entire face (I'm not asking you to post a pic of your face btw). But from what I see it looks really good with your colouring and would really enhance the right outfit!
  9. I love 'em and they look great on you. But you say they're heavy....heavy earrings tend to sit in my jewelry box and never get worn. I'd take a pass if that's the case for you.
  10. Thank you very much, ladies!! I ended up returning them, I felt that the faux pearl was too big and the weight did not help either.
  11. Return them if they're too heavy. I've wasted so much money on beautiful but heavy earrings. I usually take them off half-way through the day or never wear them.