This sounds soooo Jessica Simpson, don't ya think?

  1. I found this site this morning with these unusual handbags. I'm not sure what I think of them but they are kinda pretty. or something like that. They made me think of Jessica Simpson. Doesn't she have some little fluffy dogs of some sort? I can just envision a bag made of their hair slung over her shoulder.
  2. Hey penelope...welcome to the forum...have a great time here!
  3. Thank you! I already am. Just browsing around I am seeing that I have many kindred spirits on this board - those who cannot live without yet another handbag!
  4. Welcome to the Forum! I can't say anything too positive for these bags, seems kinda gross to use your cat's fur as the primary material for a handbag....JMHO. The designs are really nice, though...just I'd prefer a different material.