This site is useless!

  1. How come I never get any answers to my questions I post on this site? I thought everyone here was supposed to be helpful. Oh well....I tried :sad:
  2. :confused1: :shrugs:
  3. Aw! I am sorry that you feel that way. Sometimes people reading the threads don't really know the answer.

    I don't know Chloe's...or else I would try to help ya! happens to all of us. Please don't take it personally!:tender::tender::tender:
  4. Sorry you feel that way!

    What was your question?

    I'll try to look it up, too.
  5. You know, giving someone advice on fake or real is totally subjective. Not every feels comfortable doing that.

    Its difficult to tell if something is fake by just looking at pictures on eBay.
  6. Yes, if your question was to authenticate something then I for one would probably not answer your question. I hardly ever go into the authenticate threads.
  7. Hi! Sorry you feel that way. I see you are relatively new and only have 22 posts. I think you need to give the forum a bit of a chance. There are things you can do to insure you get your needs met on the forum. Be sure to post in the right forum and area, be patient! Sometimes the answers dont come as quickly as one would like, but you will find that the members of this forum are not only knowledgeable but extremely giving and helpful. Best of luck to you and welcome to the Purse Forum!
  8. I see that at least two of your questions were answered by people in the Authenticate This threads - please give people time to get to your other question about the Chloe.

    Not everyone checks in throughout the day to answer questions. Especially in the Authenticate This threads as only a handful of people feel knowledgeable enough to attempt to answer your question.

    Don't lose faith in the fantastic people who try to help on this site. Chances are, they are busy but will get to you.
  9. I just looked back to see where you posted a question to... and you were asking something to be authenticated in the all about silverados thread and no pictures were included.... so that's my guess as to why no one responded.

    Then pics of your silverado popped up in the authenticate this thread this morning... you have to give it a couple of days so people can look at the item in question. Not everyone buys silverados and even then, it doesn't mean that everyone knows a whole lot about them. Chloe QC isn't consistent.

    BTW, i seen your pictures on the authenticate this thread. If you can kindly take a close up of the serial number inside and a close up of the chloe inscription on the metal zip, it'll probably give people a better sense as to determine if it's more fake or more genuine. Be sure to post the pics in the authenticate this thread.

    Sorry you feel this way though!!
  10. If you ever have a specific question, please feel free to PM me directly and I can do my best to help you get it answered. However, with authentication questions, as people have already said- not everyone is comfortable posting an answer. Hopefully, you will give tPF a chance and get to know it's wonderful members. I have been here for over a year and feel very fortunate to be part of this community. I know that if you stay a bit longer, you will feel the same way!~
  11. I think everybody here is being incredibly helpful, given the rude tone of your post :p lol

    but atleast it has worked, as lots of people are going to look at your bag now ;)
  12. That's true. If you post a question about authenticity in the wrong thread, members will simply ignore it. YOu must post all such questions in the Authenticate This Chloe thread, and members will gladly answer it if they can.
  13. Maybe you can also PM some people who posted on this thread:
    Chloe Silverado Doctor Bag

    I know how you feel...I feel sad and frustrated when I'm ignored, but like other have said, people may not know how or what to respond. I think everyone here has felt that way, so hang in there!

    And as a newbie to Chloe, I also think this Chloe forum is somewhat confusing to navigate. Lots of good posts are hidden in the 'shopping section' and then there is this main section and other subforums. Just make sure to click away on all subforums to find your answer.
  14. wow. . . good luck getting any flies w/ that rancid honey!:yucky:
  15. I understand your frustration- but give it time. Make sure you post lots of pictures and ask specifics questions- people will get around to it.

    Welcome either way- we hope you find your way a bit easier and start to like it here more!