This site is seriously dangerous to your health

  1. .............. not to mention your bank balance! :roflmfao:

    Before I found it, I was happily buying "normal" shoes and handbags but not anymore. Seeing all your wonderful pictures has prompted me to buy a pair of CL Bruge pumps, a pair of Jimmy Choo sandals (no idea of name) and a Prada bag!!!!! There's no turning back now ...........

    One small problem though - after spending ages looking at your CL pics, I've now got a wish list:-

    - Black crepe mouche (oooooooh!)

    - Kat's animal print peep toe CL pumps (don't know the name but Kat please supply your address and alarm code and times when you're not in, just in case I need to errrrrrm, borrow them!) :yes:

    Then of course there's the bag in Fendifemale's avatar. I WANT IT AND NEED IT :heart:. If anybody has an idea what it is please let me know! Lastly, I've also spotted the Prada Glace Zippers Plaque Boston bag in Ardesio Nudo *sigh*

    If you can tell me where to buy any or all of the above at reasonable prices, that ship to the UK, I'll be your friend for life!

    So "hi" from a newbie and I can't wait to see your new purchases!

    Lots of love from a fellow addict!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. LOL welcome to the club.
  3. :woohoo: Welcome to the dark side!
  4. This website is highly addictive...and fun!!!
  5. ... the dark side is right, but if that's wrong, then I don't wanna be right.

    I just want to wear fabulous shoes & bags.
  6. Yes, as dangerous as it is, it is very helpful. Maybe a little too helpful.
  7. This website keeps alerting me to needs I never knew existed.

    For instance, Tori Burch Revas, Hayden Harnett and Vince cashmere.
  8. Yes...very dangerous!

    But, it's good to spice up one's life with some danger.. haha
  9. Yes I know what you mean. I thought my Ferragamo shoes were pretty expensive (by the way, I was forced to purchase Ferragamo shoes because "normal brand" regular size 5s are too big for me) but now I consider them a bargain, lol.
  10. Addictive and expensive! :graucho: