This site is a bad influence

  1. Ok, so before I joined this site I had 4 Louis Vuitton bags, an LV card case, LV cerise key holder (I have the cerise speedy), 3 Isabella Fiore bags & some coach bags. Well, yesterday I got a Marc Jacobs Hudson bag in Chesnut with the black stripes ( I don't have a digital camera to take pics, I know I need to get one)! and tonight I'm going to go to LV to put my name down for a Silver Speedy. It's so funny because when I went to Saks to buy the Marc Jacobs bag, I knew the price of every bag there, LOL!!

    Here's a pic from eluxury of the bag I got at Saks since I don't have a digital camera to take a picture of the actual bag I got (it's the only picture I could find on the internet of my bag).

  2. Gorgeous - can't wait to see pics!!

    I agree this site is very bad for your wallet!:yes:
  3. It's bad for me too! I started this site happy with my latest purchase of a Mulberry bag, but now I want all types of Chanel going (particularly a large 2.55 and PNY bag), a Longchamp Le Pliage and a Judith Leiber!
    I do not have the money for this, I'm not as rich as some of the people here so its lethal! LOL
  4. yummy bag..can't wait to see the actual pics of the bag..