this shirt!

  1. I love it, but I'd also loove to find it for less than $40-something which is what shoposhun has it at...



  2. try karmaloop w/a 20% off code 'RT14556' maybe? that's a bit cheaper, after the code ..heh
    yeah, looks like everywhere has it 40+
  3. The tees with the rhinestone logo are always 40-something (usually 44). The plain tees are 32-36. So unless you can find the shirt on sale or have a discount code, it won't be less that 40-something. I have several shirts with the rhinestones, and I hate the fact that I had to pay extra for a detail I don't even like!
  4. oh I have that shirt ... I bought it from Karmaloop and I used a discount code. They ship really fast!
  5. TokidokiAngel- do you know whether the sizes run small/normal/big? I'm kind of between sizes right now and I like things comfortable not super tight..I usually wear medium but maybe L because they're girly tees and probably run small? I dunno. I'm a petite person but it's hard since I've gained a bit lately :sad: mope.

    Do you like the shirt/wear it often? I have a zillion tees I don't know why I need more...

  6. If you're usually a medium in juniors, and you've gained a little or you don't want it too tight, I'd get a large. If you're a medium in womens sizes, you'll probably need an XL, unless you like your tees really tight. I wear a womens small or medium and all my toki tees are XL. Even those are snug after they're washed, and that's without going in the dryer.
  7. haha sorry ... I haven't been on the forum much through the weekend.

    I'm petite and I usually wear a medium in tees too. I bought this shirt in a medium and it fits fine but at times it feels like it fits a bit tight (like if I eat too much .. lol). I totally wish that I bought it in a Large. So my advice would be to buy it in a Large.

    I've worn the shirt once but I really do love it. The one thing I don't like too much is that it's screenprinted (is that what you call it?) so a lil piece of momo came off. I have to be careful when I hand wash it ...
    That's the only reason I haven't worn it more ... I'm afraid for momo. It's a totally cute shirt tho and everyone at work commented on it (in a good way). Oh except for my supervisor .. she asked me if momo's eyes were purposely positioned on my boobs ... I was like eh .. no ... (i mean seriously ... how do u ask someone that?!)