This Seller Is So Busted

  1. well after im freaking out because the seller never refunded my money and and ebay said she is no longer a registered user, i decide to look at the louis vuittons just like the fake one i just got. so im clicking all the purses to see if the sellers are new and have the same adress ect. i find a new seller, same adress and SAME picks as the ones for the purse i bought, shes selling the fake purse i sent back to her right now. I contacted the one buyer she had and asked if they could answer some questions. WHAT SHOULD I DO I KNOW ITS THE SELLER THAT RIPPED ME OFF!!
  2. You need to go onto the Live Help line...
  3. Did you pay by credit card via Paypal? If so, have your credit card company issue a chargeback.
    Simple as that!
  4. You can report it to eBay I believe. I think they haave a rule you can only have one account. That violates it. I busted a seller that way once and emailed them from their working account (the other was closed) asking about my item. It came 2 weeks later.