This seller is conning people!

  1. This seller has in the past 30 days made almost £3000- $6000 selling fakes!

    The seller has dangerously being selling the Gucci baby carriers which should not be allowed to be sold. They ahave come direct from a factory in China and will have passed no safety tests- I would hate for someone to put there newborn baby in these carriers!!!
    The clutch bags the seller is selling dont even come in this colourway!

    PLEASE help me get this seller off eBay- I hate to see people waste there money!

    SELLER trust-sale
  2. You want us to report him to eBay? will do :good:
  3. See 2 positive feedbacks from top! Just wonder if those all his other ID :yucky:
  4. Thanks!! ;)
  5. Hadnt looked at the feedback could well be- making up for his negative!

    I cant believe all his buyers have left him positives, do they really think they are getting this seasons (although not available in this colourway) for 75% off the retail price!

    Why dont they do the basic research by looking at ??
  6. sadly some people will still pay for fakes
    But your quite right about the safety aspect
    Its terrible
    Thankyou for pointing it out
  7. Unfortunately there are still way too many mothers in the UK who are more interested in having a designer name than their child's safety. Of course there are still way too many in other countries but the worst offenders always seem to be from my home country.
  8. wow.. someone really needs to lay down the hammer, just to get this seller off eBay though.
  9. The items all gor pulled but the seller is still registered.

    This sellers listings look the same- im wondering if he has 2 usernames again this seller has got the dodgy baby carriers. seller online-sales247

    I feel like emailing all the buyers warning them not to put their babies in the fake carriers!

  10. Report him on the fraud link where you can write where Ebay had removed these auctions and this seller relisted. They usually will take care of it.
  11. thanks ok im off to find the fraud link now!

    I posted about this seller/s a while back- they are still active!

    Trust-sale has made £9000 selling counterfeits in the past 3 months

    Online-sales247 has made £3000 selling counterfeits in the past 3 months

    They are the same seller.

    Trust-sale last week sold a fake diaper bag to a purse forum member it was authenticated as a fake. She got a refund but unfortunately left the seller a positive for refunding her- not a negative to warn others!!

    Online-sales247 a couple of days ago sold a bag to a purse forum member and they got suspicious when they saw the bag relisted as they were told it was given to the seller as a gift!!! She is currently in dispute with the seller.

    Please report these current auctions!
  13. Wow
  14. Just need to keep reporting the lisitngs and hopefully ebay will get the hint!!!