This seller ARRGH - LV agenda pens!

  1. I had contacted this seller last week about selling pens that run $4.00 on daytimers. He's selling them for $39.99 - I just hate it when sellers really really gouge people. It's a personal peeve, but while I understand making a profit - this one is frustrating because he e-mailed back and forth with me - said how upset he was because he had paid $20.00 apiece for them and he was taking them down because he didn't want to take advantage of people like that and he was going to contact the person he bought them from (he bought 4 or 5) to try to get a refund. He thanked me profusely and said he would never sell them at that price now.
    Low and behold - auction up and running again . . . GRRR - What people won't do. These pens routinely go on sale at my neighborhood Staples and Office Max for $3.00. They are $4 something at daytimer dot com. I don't know why he bothered e-mailing me back and acting like he was so glad to know and would never sell them for that price now.
    Here's the auction - for anyone looking at it - at least now they might know where they can get the same thing cheap.