This season's scarves

  1. what is a practical yet stylish that's out right now?? I am wiling to spend a lot because I plan on wearing it a lot this winter... nothing too fancy because I am a jeans person!! Thanks!!!
  2. I don't think one can ever go wrong with a classic Burberry cashmere scarf.:girlsigh:
  3. I like Missoni scarves with the classic zig zag pattern. I bought a wool missoni scarf from off 5th avenue. Also, burberry scarves are very nice, I have a wool one as well that is a plain white toggle scarf. Check out burberry and missoni first.
  4. thanks :smile: i'm a little allergic to wool/ cashmere/ any kind of shedding animal hair so i wondering about any large silk scarves out there? I am still going to check out missoni for their wool scarves cuz I need something warm for winter
  5. Well missoni also makes silk scarves that are very nice. If you go to Saks or neiman's I bet you can find great silk scarves and also check out off 5th avenue for the best deals on scarves right now.
  6. Are the super long, skinny scarves still OK this season? I really love that look!
  7. i love scarfs in general. i just bought a mcqueen skull silk scarf.