This scarf with this bag???

  1. I just picked up this scarf this morning and was wondering if I can tie it on my Damier Speedy 25? What do you think? I'm not too sure about it! If you thinks its ok, how would you suggest tying it on?

    Zara scarf on speedy 25 001.jpg Zara scarf on speedy 25 003.jpg
  2. I love it - great colour combination :heart:
  3. second that!
  4. I think it looks pretty. I like yellow and brown together.
  5. Really like that combo!!!
  6. Love it
  7. I like it.:yes:
  8. The colors go with the Damier really well!!!!

    Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I lve yellow and brown together. I think it looks great together. I like the way you tied it.

    What kind of scarf is that?
  10. Thanks for the approvals!!! I really appreciate the help! I have officially cut the tags off and tied it on hehehe!! I found the scarf at Zara this morning. It was the only one left and I thought it might look nice with my speedy!
  11. The colors are great together.
  12. Looks very nice :smile:
  13. It looks real nice and pretty!
  14. I think it goes really well with the damier pattern
  15. it looks nice. Is that scarf a LV?. I think a damier patterned scarf would look nice too