This scarf is SO wrong - anyone recognise?

  1. This scarf is currently on ebay (no, not thinking of buying, just stumbled on it). Surely there should be something in the middle, not just a big, fat empty circle? bizarroscarf.jpg
    (hope I attached this right)
  2. lol, thats not a hole, it's the white portion of the scarf.
  3. it's an old hermes.
  4. Thanks morgiegirl. My bafflement lies in the fact that the circle is empty. I'm no expert, but I don't think I've ever seen an Hermes scarf with a circle that frames..... well, nothing. There's always something in the centre, to the best of my knowledge. There's something familiar about the border, though.
  5. Ok...this is too funny.....what happened to whatever was supposed to be INSIDE the frame!?!?!?!? :shrugs:

  6. yeah, I know what you mean. I actually have seen that scarf before, my mom wears it a lot. It's super cute in person!
  7. Maybe that gold rimmed thing is actually a plate? Hence the white portion?
  8. Thanks everyone for the input; I am torn between the Shopmom Theory of the Missing Printing, and Wicked'sTheorem of The Tasteful Plate! Actually as a horseygal I wouldn't mind eating of a plate like that. Maybe morgiegirl can resolve it fo rus next time she sees her mum?
  9. Fake, fake, fake... no signature, no Hermes Paris ... Rachel

  10. Rachel, that's pretty much my thought: it looks as though some faker has copied the real deal but left the central cartouche empty. Wracking my brains to think of whether the border resembles any Hermes I know (I hate not knowing something as important as this!)
  11. When the scarf is knotted, I'm sure the white part gives the scarf a brightness when worn. Spread out flat, I can't help notice how starkly white the center is. I'm half-expecting a horse head to come crashing through it LOL
  12. Indeed, Rainrowan, even a dead fowl would be better than the stark white! It really isn't right at all.
  13. okay, so i compared my mom's to the picture and it's definitely a fake. my mom's has the hermes signature on one side near the gold buckle. It also has the Hermes Paris on the bottom corner near the red buckle. the white center is correct, however, and according to my mom her's is really old. hope that helps.