This ring--wow! Does anyone have info on this?

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  1. Saw this on's so pretty!
    Does anyone have any information on this? Material, sizing, price, etc?

  2. its a mens champs elysees ring and its made of steel, in the UK the price is £165. its on the fancy jewellery part of the LV website
  3. I see, thanks!
  4. It's goregous isn't it my BF has been trying to get this for months but they won't send it to the store because they don't do men's jewellery.

    There is also a bracelet & two necklaces in the same collection
  5. Hella cute ring!!! I wonder how much that is in USD?
  6. ooo! I like it!
  7. John I always double the pounds so expect slightly less than $330.00
  8. That ring is so pretty- I dont care if it is a guys ring. I would totally wear it!
  9. That's what I do too....

    I really like it.
  10. mmm I like this I am going to look at the website now, I would wear this mens or not!
  11. It retails for $330 USD and will come out in a few weeks. I can't wait! :nuts:
  12. I tried this on at my store yesterday is quite heavy..I really liked the dog tags in this range:heart:
  13. I have...disgustingly fat, and I don't know if I'll fit LV rings! :rolleyes: I *think* I'm a US size 7/7.5 but for thicker bands I may have to go up to 8. I wish I had size 6 fingers *sight*

    shalomjude, if you don't mind me asking, what ring size are you and which size did you try on? :nuts:
  14.'s lovely!
  15. cute!