This really sucks

  1. Something is blocking me from being able to post my new pics.... It's the purse police!!! They're at my job,,, CHIT! I have some nice pics to post, I am sooo upset!:cursing: :cursing:
  2. We're all upset!
  3. awwww :crybaby:
  4. You need to make nice with the IT department at work!
  5. hmmm. make every nice with your it dept. are you on a mac or pc?
  6. You're lucky you can post from work. Where I work, it's a fireable offense to dowload anything -- and they are watching. You can't even forward an e-mail home. And I'm scared to even access eBay, so I miss a lot of good stuff.

    I'm home today, so that's the only reason I can laze around and enjoy tPF.