This really happened......

  1. This JUST happened.....and I'm not kidding either....

    So....In the middle of making dinner I see there's no bread and like a flash I grab Gold Togo Birkin and I'm out the door in a mad dash to make it to the bakery on time. Now. On our main street there's a bunch a great shops....bakery, deli, juice place, bookstore, some restaurants. And every night, standing right outside the bookstore is a homeless man of advanced age holding a tattered cup with great dignity. (Tangle...if you read this, you'll know who I mean) So after I raid the bakery I decide to check out the bookstore and naturally I have to pass Elder Homeless Man with Cup. And, like usual, he greats everyone who walks by with, "After ya take care of ya business......" and he leaves the sentance trailing while he gives his cup a shake or two. Somehow, this night, I manage to make it into the bookstore without his noticing me.

    A short time later, having purchased more calendars I really don't need and a magazine about how to use Chartreuse as a wall color, I leave the store. And sure enough, Elder Homeless Man with Cup sees me. "Heya Ma'am. (shake, shake) Howsa pretty lady like you doin tonight. (shake, shake) (he say's this to everyone) After ya take care of ya that there's a nice handbag ya got.......(shake shake)....." :shocked:

    Needless to say for a moment it was like living the surreal life........

    Naturally I had to empty my Bern wallet of all it's change (half expecting him to make some comment about Rouge H being the best Red Hermes makes for wallets or something like that....) thanked him and came home.

    I think it's time for a Martini.........shaken not stirred. :s
  2. At least he has impeccable taste! Definitely treat yourself to a martini- and an extra olive or two!
  3. LOL shopmom!! Well he has good taste...I always wonder about the story behind those on the streets (and secretly hope purchasing H bags never puts ME out on the street lol!)
  4. I too, wonder about the former lives of some homeless. What a strange incident.
  5. WOW! That's an amazing story, D! I wonder if he knew what the bag was, or if he just has refined taste?
  6. Good karma, shopmom. :shame:

    And how sweet that he could recognize great style. It's universal!

  7. Dear shopmom...FYI...those homeless men aren't always homeless. There is one down by me that does the begging as a part time job. He dresses like a bum and makes himself look dirty and begs for money. One afternoon , by a freak incident, his wife caught him. He told her he makes almost as much money begging as he does working his regular job. He told do you think I afford all the lovely things I buy you?

    So...maybe the begger really knows Hermes and isn't the person you think he is!
  8. I don't know but I wonder if Hermes bags just stand out as being just so different.......I mean, here where I live it stands out because everyone else is either carrying a nylon backpack or handbags made of fringe or seat-belt material. So, maybe that's the answer. It just looks like a nice handbag....:shrugs:
  9. Sadly, I think that gentleman feels like this most of the time.
  10. :wtf:

    omg, he was trying to guilt you into giving him money! what nerve!
  11. Wow, I'll get my DH on to it, time to start begging for birkin funds......:graucho:
  12. Oh, Shopmom... what a story!
  13. Yeah, maybe his wife drives him into begging so that he can afford to buy her birkins:wlae:

    Anyways, a "pro"-beggar or not, he had great taste in handbags and I must also say that I too wonder what he did "before" he became beggar and if he knew it was a birkin or just tought it was a nice handbag..
  14. OMG, wouldn't it be so funny that this man I've seen every night for 12 years is, after all, doing this as a side job? But now that I think of it.....he does have quite an advanced knowledge of fine leather goods for your average homeless man......
  15. ...and he's always wearing a nice pair of shoes.......hmmmmmm :s