This puppy loves bags!


Dec 12, 2006
Finally I managed to make my pics smaller so I could upload them.... Please excuse the poor quality of the pics, I'm just hopeless at taking pictures.
The pièce de resistance is of course my beloved dog.:heart: I wouldn't even trade him for twenty alligator Birkins....
P.S.: The scarf in front of the Diorissimo Hobo is Dior as well. It has the same monogram as on the bag, just really tiny. The scarves on pic 3 are all Gucci. The Hermès scarf is the Madame et Monsieur print.


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Dec 27, 2006
Oh My! What a cute dog!! Have to admit I was looking at the little fellow more than the He is so hilarious! He looks like he is saying pick me, pick me!! Your collection is lovely! Love the black mono LV. Not sure what it is called but it is gorgeous!