This Poor Baby Stam!! How could Someone Do That??

  1. I got all excited when I saw this listing and was going to post it in the eBay thread, until I noticed that it's poor little kisslock is broke off!!


    A gorgeous 1st Season (2005) Taupe Baby Stam in Icy Leather!! I have one of these & oh so heavenly!! I don't think MJ would repair this since it's obviously way beyond the 18 mos "warranty" period -- Does anyone know if this can be fixed? Maybe Nordstroms repairs could do it (they have a pretty good repair service) -

    It's such a shame and would be a waste of an authentic MJ if someone couldn't get this beauty!!
  2. i saw this listing also and was excited. i then scrolled down and saw
  3. Did you check out the photo with the Marc Jacobs plate inside?? Why does it look like that.. lol
  4. it's probably refurbished or from a sample sale or something...but it's real, just broken. it's such a great price if you don't mind not putting anything inside!
  5. I wish MJ repairs would just repair bags or refer you to someone that could, even if it is past the 18 months. Are you supposed to just toss a bag if something like this happens? I'm sure customers would gladly pay a decent price for a competent repair job.
  6. aww sad. theres probably some like shoe cobbler or handbag fixer that would put it back on. itll probably go for pretty low and the repairs probably wouldnt be too hefty.
  7. it just looks like someone ran a black marker against it probably since its damaged.
  8. how did that even happen? frankly, i'm amazed. the seller must have the strongest thumb and index finger in the world.
  9. Maybe it got slammed in a car door or something...a drawer? Weird, I know. It needs to be soldered or something.
  10. Does this mean the bag won't shut?
  11. ^^ yea
  12. I still wonder if maybe Nordstroms could fix it -- Most of their stores have a repair service (or a repair "guy") and the bag doesn't have to have been purchased from them for you to have repairs done. Of course there's a charge, but it shouldn't be all THAT much (and if they sell refurbished bags at the Rack, they can obviously repair these things)
  13. Just my thought. What a pity... Even if the can fix it, it depends on how they would fix it. I would just be afraid of it breaking again...
  14. Dang, poor baby. Do you think that it will even sell? Or is it a waste of listing fees? I'll guess I will watch too.
  15. If that could not be fixed to be exactly like the original, what could be done is this:

    You could get some leather that would match the bag...a shoe repair or leather store would be able to do this. Then, you could create a "loop" or a braided loop...attach it to the side of the bag that is broken (from the inside, but have a professional do this) and have a loop closure over the remaining kiss lock.


    You could take off the other kiss lock, have the little hole repaired with matching leather and then add a button and loop closure or an inside magnetic closure.

    I am sure there are other options, these are just two that come to mind. I am sure a shoe repair store could come up with something or a specialty handbag repair.