This poor, abused Keepall!

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  2. Too bad the Toledo Keepall has a major stain on the bottom... :sad:
  3. At least they used it.
  4. Looks like it's done it's job well :smile:
  5. ew- I never noticed that! Pretty unsightly.
  6. Eek! IMO, I'd put that $300 towards a new one :roflmfao:
  7. Its not that bad. I would pay over $300 for it. =/ I was expecting something way worse.
  8. Ya, the hairspray leak is not that bad. Maybe you can clean it somehow or make it less visible. I thought the BIN price was pretty reasonable.
  9. Btw, can anyone tell me if this mono keepall is authentic? I might be interested in this one.
  10. That's why I pack my things in ZipLock Bags. I just got a new Keepall 50 for $600.00 and there is no way I'm going to take any chances.
  11. I would $$ for new one, not worth that much like that.
  12. The mono is real, but I think that $600 is actually a lot in that condition. I'd just spend the extra $ and buy one new.
  13. But with the additional strap, a new keepall 50 would be about $1000 total. Hmm... should I get it?? :hrmm:
  14. I'd keep looking. It took me a while before I found my Keepall 50 w/strap. Have patience and you will find the deal your looking for.:noworry:
  15. It's not in terrible shape, but dang, they should have just used a ziplock :Push: I don't think the price is too high. However a new one would be fabulous :yes: