This place = addiction.

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  1. I love this web-site, but it is truly addictive!!! Do y'all agree? :idea:
  2. Oh is definitely addictive. I'm watching the game with my laptop making sure I don't miss a thing on this site. LOL
  3. me too. go longhorns!
  4. It's not looking too hot for the Horns. Damned USC. I hate Leinart with a passion.
  5. no it's not. it hasn't been a good bowl season for me...first my beloved bulldogs, now texas. le sigh.

    and i hate the whole lot of them. leinart, bush, whoever. their coach, too.
  6. OH MAN, WE SPOKE TOO SOON, TEXAS WINS! wooooooooooo

    this almost makes up for the sugar bowl.
  7. Yes Texas won...they played really well...congrats =( BTW I dont hate Texas, just rooted for SC.
  8. Yippie!!

    And yes, this place IS addictive!
  9. even though i rooted for Texas, i feel your pain. my Georgia Bulldogs lost the sugar bowl to West Virgina a couple days ago...*sobs*:sad: :Push: :sad2:
  10. Darn good Bowl season..Vince Young and the Horns were beautiful!!!
  11. Heh. My husband thinks this website is the equivalent of internet porn for women. :P

  12. lmao .........
  13. It sure is addictive :wacko: :biggrin:

    Megs and Vlad, we love it here :love: :love: :love:
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