This Pisses me off!!!

  1. Ok maybe this has been posted before but i was looking online for some more photos of the neverfull because i am interested in this bag......and came up websites for fake ones for like $98! ah i give up. why can't there ever be something that isn't replica'd...maybe thats just the way life is...everything is's the pic..

  2. I wouldn't let it bother you that much.. ppl are aways going to do that.. what can ya do?? KWIM?
  3. for argument sake, at first glance, how do you tell that it is? any pointers to spotting a fake NF?
  4. ^^^ The canvas is off mainly, but it's best not to go into specific details as there are many lurkers, sometimes counterfeiters, that view these threads fishing for info on how to make their fakes better. :tdown:
  5. just ignore them.
  6. I especially can't stand Superfakes! they are so tricky and scary. I saw another lawyer carrying a superfake brief case. I almost asked her the name of it until I got close and noticed the white strings on the "leather handles".
  7. i can't stand fakes either, and no matter what my un-bag-educated friends think, there is a definite difference between a real and fake bag that i can usually spot from 10 feet away. there are fake-eveythings out there and as much as people try, they'll prob always be around....but we know what's real....
  8. This is so sad, and it will never end! :tdown:
  9. OMG JOhn you're good! I just noticed the shape didn't look right but I didn't realise the monogram was off!
  10. John,What do you mean by the canvas is off mainly, could you explain me more specific?

    Armanigirl, don't think too much about fake bag..otherwise you will never buy what you wan't. There are every where fakes and you can not stop it, don't make these influence you to buy what you want. Even up to the LE bag, they make the name what brand that they don't do Fake....the fakers are trying to make fake every new bag edition come up....

    There must be somewhere you can spot the difference between the fake and the real one... And I always believe the lifetime will not long last....