This picture made me go cold all over - not scary

  1. Some of you may remember a few weeks ago some friends of mine had one of their cats hit and killed by a car.

    Now they have quite a few other pets, including a dalmatian puppy who is not yet house trained.

    A couple of days after they lost the cat the puppy weed on the carpet, and as they were telling her off and taking her outside they didn't realise what she'd done until they came back in.

    This picture is straight off a camera phone and has not been edited in any way....

  2. Wow that is freaky:wtf:
  3. Ya, that's definitely a freakish "coincidence".
  4. That is very freaky :wtf:
  5. wow, I would be a lil freaked out by that.
  6. :nuts::nuts::wtf: wow!!!
  7. :wtf: wow.
  8. OMG that´s freaky!
  9. how weird!!
  10. Whoa.
  11. Oh, my dear god :wtf:
  12. Wow, that is very weird.
  13. wow are you serious!!!
    so weird!!
  14. Yikes
  15. :wtf: that's nuts!