This PF newcomer's first reveal(s)...

Four Tails

Jul 27, 2009
I have been an enthusiastic collector for a while, but I just stumbled across this forum within the last few weeks. I love it here so I wanted to try my hand at a reveal. I hope this one is as riveting as most of the others I have watched.

So, which item do I want to show first? I think I have a good idea... This one has a bit of a story behind it, but it makes the item even more special.

This first one was an incredible feat to obtain. Because I was busy with a 3-hour workout, my boyfriend took it upon himself to pursue one of my whims. After spending the morning scouring the East Coast and Midwest stores and waiting for the West Coast stores to open, my lovely boyfriend tracked down the absolute LAST one available in the US. There were three in the system, but one was the wrong size and color, the other was unsaleable (damaged display item), and the last one was just perfect. Darling boyfriend decided to play a joke on me and tell me it was in the store but it was "sold while [they] were on the phone." I was devastated because I was ready with a land line phone in my hand to call them up and do a charge-send right that instant. I don't know why I even believed him at first, but my incredible need for this item made me believe that it was impossible to ever get it for myself.

As it turns out, my boyfriend is not only a generous giver and intimately familiar with the H catalogue, but the best boyfriend in the world (in my opinion).



Sep 19, 2008
gorgeous enamel! it looks great on you too! congrats on the enamel and the sweet bf