This PCE will decide my future with Coach....

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  1. Well I have recently put myself on a handbag only ban since Im trying to buy a house....And after my last outlet haul I havent bought anything!! I even tried staying away from this board because of the enabling :graucho:. Then today I come here and see theres ANOTHER PCE that went out and guess what?? I havent gotten it yet. Now this really upsets me because since March of this year I have spent ALOT on Coach. Nothing in my collection is from *bay, only 1 thing is from Macys but it was a gift. And only 5% is from the outlet. So yes I have spent alot at the full price stores. Yet I dont get the PCE stuff. BUT my friend who literally bought $100 worth at an outlet like 8 months ago got the last 2 and she threw them away!!!!!!!!!
    So I have come to a very hard decision....if I dont get this PCE before its over I will be done with Coach for a LONG time. :crybaby: Then maybe I will get something "special" from them.
  2. awww don't be like that. with me personally i knew nothing about PCE and only learned it from this forum but not getting it won't stop me from buying some coach.. and also i just realized that the items i'm longing for are excluded from the current event. :P
  3. Its not that Im done with Coach forever but this is just helping my ban! I really do love Coach but this is just really upsetting that a customer that spends $100 at an outlet over like 9 months gets all the PCE but someone like me that has spent thousands doesnt get any. I mean isnt it supposed to be PREFERRED Customers?? Im just upset thats all
  4. I have never shopped at an outlet and I've been spending tons of money at Coach for years and just got my first PCE in June. I actually never even knew about them until I started visiting this forum (which I guess is all kinds of sad, lol). Now that I know about it, I was pretty bummed to not get the last 50 off 150 one (didn't stop me from buying some Coach goodies last month), but did luckily get this new one. My thinking is, I was going to spend money before I knew or got PCE, so I'll keep spending money regardless (since I like Coach regardless of getting a discount).

    I'm sorry you're upset about not getting one. Hopefully you'll get this one or another one soon!
  5. ITA on this topic - it's just so wrong to call it "Preferred Customer" and then have it be so random! It's a little insulting to me as a customer when someone who has spent zero or little money at Coach gets a PCE and when I, who've spent a ton of money at Coach and the outlets, don't get one at all! It's very poor customer service. I buy from several other companies and the ones competitive to Coach would never dream of treating their customers this way.
  6. I had gotten a call for this current PCE, not a card. I hate to say it this way but what it makes me think of is the 'on the edge' kind of customers, the ones that might buy a bag once every 3-6 months or so are the ones that they target to try and get them into a more routine purchasing mode w/ the store. Like they refer to it as 'preferred' but in reality it may be more 'need to hook you' types? (gosh I hope I'm making sense with what I'm saying). :shrugs:
  7. You make perfect sense! Well maybe I will start to get them if i stop buying:graucho:
  8. This makes sense to me too. I'd probably fall into the "on the edge" category.
  9. you know that could be too. i fall into this category i mean i have other label loves not just coach so we'll see.. but right now i have at least 3 leather bags on my wishlist since they're a bit expensive and the accessories can be easily picked up.