This PCE card is burning a hole in my pocket!

  1. I want to use it again but i should not spend any more money!!! But i figure i may as well use it while i have it- (i'm going to be soooo sad to have to pay full price again!) :tdown:

    anyway, there are some things i still have my eye on. Some wristlets, keyfobs, little things (not that i don't have my eye on any bags, but i definitely can not buy any more of those!!)

    Anyway, i guess i just wanted the enablers to come out and tell me what i want to hear :smile:
  2. I just went shopping and I already want to go back too. lol I figure I might as well save the money now and then if I decide not to keep it, return harm done, right?
  3. If there's nothing you really love, it's still money spent. I say save it for the fall stuff. There's no sense in buying just to buy.
  4. COULD buy the matching denim stripe wallet to your NEW TOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL......I personally LOVE it!!!!!! Let me know what you do w/ your PCE!
  5. you all make excellent points!

    i shouldn't buy things just to buy them, but at the same time i can buy them at a discount and return them if i really don't like them.

    Mommyville i really want the little mini skinny to match the tote! i love the wallet, but not in my budget.
  6. Then YOU just answered your own question!!!! BUY THE MINI SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUY IT!!! BUY IT!!! BUY IT!!! DID I HELP YOU ANY?????? LOLOLOL
  7. lol! you've been very helpful!
  8. Hmmm... if their are things that you want to buy then buy them now when you can. Smaller things such as popular keyfobs and ponytail scarfs don't get marked down more than the 25% at the outlets so why not get them when they are new instead of waiting and taking a chance. That way you get what you want and there's no guilt when the bill comes because it is the best price you'll find.:graucho::biggrin:
  9. I am so jealous....I can't wait to get my first PCE.
  10. i'm in the same boat! the day after my presale arrived at my house (red patent hobo and legacy envelope wallet) i went to the store to order a black patent tote....which unfortunately they dont sell..... now i need to find something else!
  11. Mine burnt a hole in my wallet and all my money fell out of it into the Coach stores register. But I did not have to charge anything so I am very happy and cant wait for it all to arrive.