this panda is just too cute

  1. Oh my i agree it looks so nice.
  2. but why is the price is sooo expensive. it's even higher than my panda organizer... :sad:
  3. I dont now that is a good question.
  4. i wonder if anyone knew the retail price of this panda collections, the organizer compared to coin purse, small wallet and the long wallet they sold in japan.
  5. I love it
  6. Here is the Japanese prices from the Panda collection. In yen
    PM zip 56,000. PB CC 59,850. Pochette 39,900. Cles 18,900.
    Just go on to a currency conversion site to convert to your countries currency. :smile:
  7. thank u LV addict :yes:
  8. It is really cute!!
  9. Forgot the Coin purse 28,350. Small agenda(I want one!) 37,800. Trotteur 79,800. Vavin 99,750.
  10. The bifold wallet with coin pocket was $460 off eluxury.
  11. do they have the cles? ooohh i wanna see it!
    they sell panda on elux? i thought they only sell in japan. i had to get my organizer in japan through a friend.