This or that?

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  1. Mexican...

    Scary or Drama?
  2. Scary.

    Target or Walmart?
  3. Target (for sure!!!!!)

    LCD or Plasma?
  4. LCD

    Ipad/Kindle or actual books?
  5. An actual book..but I do want a kindle though..

    essie or China Glaze for nail polish?
  6. essie

    frankenstein or dracula?
  7. neither!

    chanel or vuitton?
  8. LV

    nails filed so that they are rounded or squared at the tip?
  9. depends on the person's nail...whichever looks most natural (although I don't like severely squared nails, I like a rounded square)

    4-door or 2-door car?
  10. Love a 2 door, but always pick the practicality of 4 doors

    curly fries or sweet potato fries?
  11. Chanel definately! I have Chanel sunglasses and they have lasted me 3 years - they are classic and timeless x
  12. sweet potato fries

    white or whole wheat bread?
  13. Whole wheat bread

    Tea or coffee?
  14. tea

    popcorn or potato chips?
  15. potato chips

    carpet or hardwood?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.