This or that?

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  1. kangol mohair hat

    pumpkin or pecan pie?
  2. pecan pie ?

    Rolex watch or Tag Heuer watch
  3. VINTAGE rolex

    wedges or heels?
  4. heels

    vintage alligator clutch or vintage crocodile clutch
  5. vintage gator

    liquor or wine?
  6. wine.

    Michelle Chaiarlo Mucato, "Nivole" or Royal Tokaji, Tokaji Aszu, Hungary
  7. whodeewhat???

    Uh...I'll say Mucato

    Germany or Austria?
  8. Germany.

    Perfume wise..Chanel-Allure or Chanel-Chance?
  9. Neither but Chanel Allure is the lesser of the two evils

    Nike or New Balance?
  10. Nike.

    permanent cosmetics or apply cosmetics ?
  11. Apply cosmetics.

    Threading or waxing..for eyebrows?
  12. plucking

    red or blonde hair ?
  13. Blonde...

    Mac or PC?
  14. PC.

    Working out with a friend or alone?
  15. alone

    Heroes or Lost ? (TV)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.