This or that?

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  1. Dior or Chanel..for sunglasses?
  2. Armani:P

    same q
  3. either...I have both!

    new construction or historic home?
  4. historic home

    daiquiri or martini
  5. Martini.

    Cosmo or sauvignon blanc?
  6. Cosmo...

    Flats or heels?
  7. heels

    coffee or tea?
  8. Tea

    Sugar or Honey?
  9. honey

    caffeine or decaf?
  10. Caffeine

    Hard-copies of the newspaper or the on-line edition
  11. Online edition.

    People or Lucky magazine?
  12. People

    iPhone or Droid?
  13. Droid.

    Leather or suede for a sofa?
  14. Leather

    walk/run outdoors or on the treadmill?
  15. walk/run outdoors

    vintage beret wool hat or vintage kangol mohair hat
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.