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  1. Okay...going to LV boutique this weekend and need to make a decision
    I have two options here - I want a chanel and a Trevi, but now I also like Tahitiennes!

    So originally I thought:
    Trevi and Chanel Flap

    but now
    if I get the bag situation would be...
    Trevi, Tahitiennes and SMALL chanel - wallet on chain

    What is a girl to do??? Is the Tahitiennes worth it or should I save the money to put toward a more expensive chanel??
  2. I say buy LV in all cases! Chanel is just not "me".
  3. Trevi and Chanel, save your money for the jumbo flap, I'm assuming thats the bag you want. :smile:
  4. I'd go with the Trevi. I'm loving the Tahitienne also but I know it will only be current for a couple months where the Trevi is forever!
  5. I'm not a big fan of Chanel flaps, so I'd say get the LVs and get a small Chanel! :yes:
  6. I'll go with Trevi PM :yes:
  7. Trevi and Chanel Flap ~ both classy and timeless!

    IMO the Tahitiennes beautiful as they may be ... are dated.
  8. ohh darn.. a hard one.. i recently fell in love with the tahitiennes... but chanel is soo irresistible.... what about you get the trevi and tahitiennes right now and wait for the chanel one to go on sale before its next increase?! lol.. OR can you get the chanel and tahitiennes now since tahitiennes is seasonal and chanel's price increase is crazy.. the trevi you can get later..
  9. Trevi PM and a more expensive Chanel... :tup:
  10. I'm not a fan of Tahitiennes... it's cute, but I'd save for Chanel.
  11. I agree! I think I'm just bias altogether so I might not be the one to ask but Always LV...PERIOD! LOL
  12. i will go for trevi
  13. ^^ agree, I would buy the will bring you longer.;)
  14. i love the tahitiennes but honestly i would prefer a chanel.
  15. get what you want...