this or that?

  1. so if you want to get an idea of my collection before i ask this question, the link is in my signature.

    my roommate (gayman aka mr.dooney on here) and i were looking at the picnic print medium domed tassel satchels and want a mass opinion.

    i love the green, he loves the green. we're like 99% sure if we chose one, it would be the green:

    but if you look at it in black, it has kind of a sweet lil checkerboard type look to it, and we love black and white (yes we lol... he makes MANY decisions with me!) Here is the black:

    you can also change the colors by clicking them (just in case someone dint know that :p) i figured it'd help to have 2 windows open so u could compare and contrast. we did for like 10 minz :p it was our morning convo over hot pockets.

    what do youuuuu think? my collection is pretty drab colored, and i've been talking green for a while (i also want to eventually get a green croco when they put their vibrant green out again) black and white is more timeless but for something like saint patricks day or a nice spring/summer day, green is loverly!

    thanks in advance for your opinions :yes: :heart:
  2. Green. The black has too much contrast IMO.
  3. You've been talking about a green bag for awhile......I'd go with the green! So spring-summer cute. The black, while I love it, is more winter-y I think.
  4. I vote green as well. Loved all the colors!
  5. I also vote green. The black and white is a harsh contrast.
  6. thanks for your feedback! i know roommate will be pleased ;)
  7. sounds like you want the green more so go for it. :yes:
  8. i love the green!!
  9. YEAH BABY... i also vote GREEN and Ms.Vicious i do agree I am VERY pleased!! green is a great summer or even late spring bag.. i kno bad me.. influencing you to buy a purse for the end of spring then like an early summer bag.. an in between... and an end of summer bag.. im soooo bad.. sometimes feel im worse an addict than you! hehe..
  10. I vote green :yes:
  11. I love the black. The Tassels look amazing.
  12. Green! Perfect for summer
  13. I like the green.
  14. I like the black one. More classy looking to me. Of course I have a tendency to pick black as my first choice with anything. I know you have been thinking about a green bag though which would work for spring and summer.
  15. thank you for continuous opinions ladies! keep em comin!