This Or That? Please Help.


Which one do you like?

  1. Gold/Silver

  2. Grey

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  1. Hi ladies i've been eyeing these 2 colors for the spy lately and can't decide which one is better.
    Do you like the metallic gold/silver more or the grey? Why? And for owners, are they easy to care for?

    I borrowed the pics from sunshine and btbf.
    gold.jpg grey.jpg
  2. I voted metallic. It's one of the most stunning Spys in my opinion. the leather and the lining have such a luxurious feel. I have one and use it a tremendous amount. I'm pretty rough on bags, and it still looks brand new.

    I usually love grey as a color, but the grey Spy color is a little too light and washed out for my taste.
  3. definitely metallic. I am not a big fan of the grey.
  4. Yes I would go with metallic also a stunning bag. Yes they are very easy to care for, and you can get so much stuff in them
  5. I voted for metallic, it's gorgeous. I'm not a fan of the grey.
  6. hello,

    i have the metallic one, its gorgeous. go for it, everyone else will fall in love with it and you'll get so many complements for your taste..
  7. I will go for the gold/silver as I prefer my accessories to be more striking or sparkling.
  8. The metallic just looks so yummy :drool:
  9. I like the silver/gold Spy much more. It's such a beautiful bag.
  10. Not to buck the trend, but the grey is muted, and very much appropriate for all settings!

    I could NEVER wear metallic to an office (even my dept, as forward as it was, would have double taked on it) although I'd love to take the metallic out.

    I suppose it depends on where you want to wear it, and what you do for a living...

    Student? metallic. Professional? Probably the grey.

    Just my 2 cents :yes:
  11. I'm with Angelfish. The metallic's more dressy-dressy. I prefer the metallic but the gray's more practical.
  12. I'm a professional (granted, an irreverent one:graucho: ). Carrying metallic to work today. ;) goes perfectly with my dark brown and sage green outfit. The grey wouldn't have worked. Metallic goes with everything. IRL you'll see that it's not a loud metallic, but a muted, understated metallic. The metallics look more reflective in pictures than they are IRL.:yes:

    Here's a pic of mine worn during the day with casual clothes.

  13. Deco you look fabulous as always. and totally agree the metallic is muted and not bright or in your face also would look stunning with more or less anything.
  14. Deco is your's the gold metallic or silver metallic?
    I didn't even know there were 2 differnet metallics made.

  15. There are two different metallics. Both of them have both gold and silver in them, but one has more gold than the other. Mine has more gold. The leather on mine is very bubbly, and the gold sits mainly in the creases of the bubbles. The backside of mine looks more silver (bubbles are larger with creases more scattered) and the front side more gold (way more creases). It's like 2 bags in 1!