This Or That? Please Help.

  1. Hi ladies i've been eyeing these 2 colors for the spy lately and can't decide which one is better.
    Do you like the metallic gold/silver more or the grey? Why? And for owners, are they easy to care for?
    gold.jpg grey.jpg
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  4. i love metallics.
  5. They are Both stunning!! I guess it all depends if you want to be practical or "blingy" with your SPY.

    Practical, I would do the gray. Blingy, I would go for the Metallic.

    Let us know what you decide!!
  6. I say metallic....that's the one I've been dreaming of..
  7. Grey gets my vote
  8. metallic if you are looking for something to really stand out, grey if you want to be a bit more discreet