This or That?? Opinions

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  1. Deciding between 2 bags. I know that they are completely different. This would be my first Boy. Would the Boy go with colorful summer clothing? Thanks!!!


  2. I like the boy better. Can be casual and for going out. And perfect for summer sun to sparkle up the bag!
  3. I love the boy!!!!! Nothing like having a little bling!!!
  4. BOY!!! The bling bling are eye catching.
  5. No question! Definitely the boy!!!
  6. Another vote for boy
  7. Boy!
  8. oh boy! :smile:
  9. Boyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  10. The Boy, for sure!!
  11. Omg the bling boy hands down!!!
  12. No contest here: the boy is a winner and gorgeous in that champagne leather with the bling.
  13. Definitely the boy!
  14. Thanks so much for all of your opinions...
  15. The boy, for sure!!!!! It's soo sparkly, love it!!! A stunner!!!