This... or ... That? HELP please

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  1. What should i get? ask for?


  2. neverfull!
  3. it's not TOO gay is it? lol. I mean i have a speedy 40, so i guess it doesnt matter, lol.
  4. the montorgeuil or however it is spelled. :biggrin:
  5. Dear, don't worry about that. There are some guys (on this forum) who are totally rocking the Neverfull. Anywhoo, I would get the Medium Mono Agenda (but just because it's on MY wishlist.) :P
  6. Well, what do you need? A bag or agenda ~ both? Then the Monty and the larger agenda, lol!
  7. i tink a neverfull gm w look really cool on a guy :tup:
  8. Agenda! what about Damier one? It's sexier than mono imo *dash*, Monty will be next runner up :tup:
  9. A lot of SA's actually say they prefer the Neverfull on alot of guys over the Speedy.

    I also think this bag looks more masculine with the sides tucked in btw!

    I myself.. went for a Palermo GM.

    I need a city bag now, something just to hold essentials. I might go for a Speedy 35, but I wanna be more creative and find something else.
  10. Monty!!!
  11. Monty!!! It is a practical bag.
  12. Agenda!
  13. grab the monty!
  14. I think I would go with the Montorgueil...I think it is perfect for every-day use or an event too...:love:
  15. the Neverfull GM is slightly less gay than the Montorgueil :yes: