this one waiter i need to vent about..

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  1. okay.. I just need to get this out in the open and get opinions.
    Last week me, my friend, my boyfriend and his friend went to a few different pubs to drink, and we ended up at this one italian restaurant/bar place. not very fancy, we sat on the patio. It was pretty busy, and we ordered a bottle of wine, bruschetta and a pitcher of beer. we were there probably 2 hours eating and drinking.. the waiter came by only to take our order, bring our food and drinks, and bring our bill. he did not ask us how stuff was or any of that.. and wasn't particularly friendly. our bill came to about $80.. but we did only order those three things. we left him a $5 tip because 1. we were drunk, 2. that was all he deserved, and 3. it is all any of us had without breaking a $20.
    well.. we got up to leave and he found us and started yelling "just keep your change, i have been working my ass off all night and you leave me $5?? i dont even want it. that is the ****tiest tip ever, and you were just going to get up and leave? what the hell is wrong with you" like this was the rudest thing ive ever heard.. we ended up giving him another $10.. but if i were sober i would have told him forget it.
    do you think he was right in doing that or no?
  2. Of cos not! How can a waiter say that?? I would have taken the $5 and walk out. lol! Is the waiter more drunk than you?!?!
  3. Um wth. Since when does a waiter dictate how much tip he/she gets?! You should go back there, get the same waiter, and leave him NOTHING
  4. lol so i am not crazy. i cant believe he made such a big deal. i was in toronto visiting some friends when it happened, so i will not be at the same place again.
    can you believe he actually said that?
    the next morning when i thought about it i was so angry, and ive been mad since.
  5. I would call the place and talk to the manager. 2 weeks ago we went to an expensive place for dinner and the waitress spilled water over my new dooney bag- nope she did not say a word. No oops I'm sorry- nothing! So I get up to take my daughter to the restroom and I almost slip because she did not clean up all the water. She just gave overall bad service no refills, etc. What did we leave her on a $90 bill NOTHING!
    AND I called the manager the next day and told her what happened no I'm sorry blah blah BUT she did offer to clean the bag for me BUT I have to drive and half hour over there just to show her my bag.
    I never showed up, I will just call their corp. office.
    Sorry to go on about me but the bottom line is the waiter was an a$$ and I would call and speak to the manager about him! ASk for your tip money back- Kidding!Monica
  6. OK-I am going to give a different opinion here.

    Yes, he was way out of line to yell at you like that and to confront you like that. He should have graciously accepted whatever you left and been quiet about it....

    BUT-you left him a $5 tip on a $80 bill? I am sorry-but that is wrong. Unless he gave you very bad service, ignored you when you ordered something or forgot your orders, etc.-that is not an appropriate tip. You are supposed to give a percentage of the bill as your tip-$5 on an $80 bill is what? It's not even 7%! The general rule of thumb is to give a minimum of 15% of the bill and go on up from there for exceptional service. here in NY-the least we give is 17%-if we have our young son with us-we usually give more-or, we will give more for really good service. And, you obviously did have change of a $20 because you say in the end, you gave him another $10.

    So-while I think it was in horrible taste for him to say anything to you-your tip was also way out of line.
  7. I think that you should always have respect for people in the service industry. Unless they are inexplicably rude, I don't get mad at them. Their jobs are tough, and dealing with snobby/crabby/mean people all day does not help!

    buuuuuut, I have lots of friends who are servers, and I know they go above and beyond to be nice because they know their tip depends on it. So, its just silly when servers are icky and mean.

    but yeah, I'd probably be pissed about a tip like that.
  8. Wow! Personally, a tip is a sign of gratefulness. That's what it means, no more, no less. It's sad that it's changed in our society to mean something mandatory that you have to leave before you're humiliated.

    Sorry, if I think the service is poor I will leave a token amount or none at all. A tip is NOT a computed part of the bill so failure to pay it because you didn't think the waiter deserved it was not, in my opinion, "way out of line." If anybody was out of line it was the waiter, for sure!
  9. Yes-it is out of gratefulness-but, I did not get the impression that the waiter did a horrible job-the number one reason she gives for not leaving him more was that she was drunk! so, yes, in that case-I think it was out of line for her to do that.

    I used to waitress in college and people really depend on tips-so, i stand by my original comments-unless he was especially rude or bad at his job-she should have left more of a tip on a $80 bill.
  10. Yes, she/they should've left more but, the waiter is lucky to be working with that attitude. I'm a manicurist at a spa and my co-workers and I rely on tips, also. I've gotten some rotten tips (and I'm considered one of the best girls there), but I've never *****ed someone out over what they've left. We leave that talk for the back room amongst each other.
    Tips are appreciated, not required, in most cases.
  11. Agreed. The tip was small. Sure, he wasn't very attentive, but wasn't totally out of line either.

    I always give atleast 10% even if the service is crappy. Generally I tip around 20%, sometimes a little more even if we tie up a table for longer than normal, have more people, or have lots of fulfilled requests.

    Waiters and waitresses are paid bottom line pretty much... those tips are the majority of their paychecks. $5 for one table for two hours? Ooof, I'd be upset too. He was way out of line with his reaction and that should be brought up with a manager, but at the same time.. it's their job to wait on you, but not wait hand and foot. Only the ones who REALLY care do that :o)
  12. Carson,

    I'm so sorry for what happened to you, it's one of the rudest, most terrible things I've heard for a while. I'm thinking maybe he was having a bad day, like maybe something had happened to him earlier in the day and he was venting his frustrations out on you guys. Hope you feel better soon :smile:

  13. i'd have to agree with Nishi621 on this one...

    although the service was not particularly outstanding, 5 bucks is pretty lousy for an $80 tab. in a sense you're also paying to sit there for two hours. usually i tip 10% if i think the service is lousy, 15% if it's alright, and 20% or more if it's extraordinary, but never anything under 10%.

    i work in sales, so when i help customers and they disrespect me, i WISH i had the ability to b**** them out. he probably worked really hard that night and to him a $5 tip was probably a form of disrespect.
  14. I'm w/ Nishi & Dani. Although it was completely out of line at his response to you I agree. I was a server/bartender for over 10 yrs. He was probably very busy. Even if you didnt think he was, as a customer you really don't know what all is going on. Servers LIVE on tips. In AZ we make $2.13 an hour! It is the custom in the US to tip, so if people don't want to tip, they shouldnt eat at places where it is required. Since the table was taken up for 2 hours, @ 20% since he could have turned it again in that time frame, @ least $16 should have been left.
  15. Since he didnt check back, because he was probably busy, at least 15-18%. Remember he has to tip out the bartender & host! That means he made maybe $2.50 of your table...before taxes. I know sometimes I would feel really bad because there was too much going on & I didnt have much time to be attentive. PLEASE try to give servers the benefit of the doubt.