This one takes the cake!


Nov 4, 2008
I've had buyers back out of transactions before for fairly stupid reasons, "I didnt mean to buy it etc" but I gotta say this is probably the lowest anyone has ever stooped.

Sold a bag on 7/08 for $195.25, buyer sent an email the next day, "I will pay for this in 2 days when I get piad."

I respond back, "Ok no problem thanks for letting me know"

Well 2 days came and went, as did 5 days. So I sent another invoice as a reminder. Get an email right back "So sorry I will pay for this first thing in the morning I just need to go to the bank and move some money into my account"

Well needless to say she still never pays so 3 days later I filed a NPB against her. Well I got a response back it said:

"Hi I am writing on behalf of my mother ****** (my buyer), I am terribly sorry to say that she passed away unexpectedly 2 days ago. I'm sorry that she was unable to complete her transaction with you and I hope you understand. I wish that I could honor this for her and pay for this purchase but her death has came as such a shock and financially things are a wreck now. I hope you understand I have been checking my mothers emails trying to see where everything stands with her affairs and just wanted to let you know what was going on."

Well I immediately wrote back and said "I am sorry for your loss and please do not worry about this matter." But at the same time I just kinda felt it was a little fishy since I didnt get this email until I filed the NPB. So I kept an eye on this user, and lo and behold not even 48 hrs after I recieve this email saying this buyer has died, I see that she has recieved and left feedback for the EXACT SAME BAG she bought from me for 195.25 and didnt pay for, she bid on and won this other one for $162.50! She won it 4 days after she bought mine. Her feedback said something to the extent of "got my bag superfast, what a deal" and she has gotten & left feedback for 2 other items. All I can say is for a dead woman she sure does a lot of shopping.


Jul 2, 2009
I would totally send another email, pointing out how it's amazing that her "dead" mother was enjoying her new bags and still shopping on eBay.
May 31, 2006
Left Coast
OMG..... LOL! AND Ebay doesn't let sellers leave negative feedback - What a crock!
I would certainly think about sending another message regarding the fact that she bought another bag, blah, blah, blah - but then again, it's just the nature of selling on Ebay.
Thanks for giving us all a laugh, as a fellow seller you just have to laugh at idiots like this!


Mar 22, 2006
Devon UK
i know i shouldn't laugh, but i am, the excuses people come up with ! as if you'd be bothered with checking your mothers emails if she's just died anyway....oh please, you must send her some sort of sarcastic message and post it here.

Ellie Mae

Peace B with U
May 24, 2008
Well plz post her ID, as no one needs to be selling to someone who is dead and cannot pay!:wtf:
May 31, 2006
Left Coast
OMG, ok you can't leave negative feedback - but leave something like "sorry you passed away unexpectedly" and couldn't follow thru with your purchase, hope you enjoy the other bag - etc, etc.


Apr 14, 2009
The Five Great Lakes
Too much drama on the Bay. I have stop selling on the Bay along time ago the excuses are insane from the no pay bidders. LOL you check their history "BAM" no payers are making purchases leaving feedback for other sellers. Oh well another one added to the TPF no pay list.:nuts:


~Love My Dogs~
Mar 15, 2009
I think I'd leave her feedback saying: sorry you couldn't pay due to death. But I see you found an indentical one in heaven!


Apr 30, 2007
It is so nice to know that they have Internet & eBay in the hereafter!

I'll say, otherwise I'm not going!


For the love of beautiful things
Oct 18, 2006
New Mexico
Oh, I'd be afraid to use that kind of excuse, in case what I said came true. Can you imagine the guilt?
Anyway, I really would be tempted to bust her for it too. Email her and say something so she knows she didn't fool you.