This one struck me like MOLTEN SILVER METAL! heehee!!! Violet GSH! @--@

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This bag is HOT like as in 'HOT DAMN!' :yahoo::upsidedown::love::tender:

    Introducing the bag that has stolen my heart~ Violet Giant Silver Hardware City!
    pics 019.jpg pics 016.jpg pics 013.jpg pics 018.jpg pics 007.jpg
  2. And- a combo pic of all the awesome items I've gotten this week (well some of them- Ursula, Coach Legacy and MC Speedy and Fuschia speedy have been with me)
    pics 009.jpg pics 014.jpg pics 011.jpg pics 001.jpg pics 005.jpg
  3. ARGH!!! Your City came!

    It is gorgeous Muriel! :love: :heart::drool: I want one too now, the contrast between the silver and purple is so chic! Darn that bag ban of mine... :p
  4. Thank you M!!!!

    She's so shiny and perfect!! Squishy and thick~ she's perfection in the form of purple leather madness!!!
  5. awww its beautiful, Cant wait to get one.
  6. Perfection!!! :tup: Beautiful color, gorgeous leather, and looks great with the SGH!!! Congrats!! :yahoo:
  7. Thank you ladies!!!

    I want a first too- but is that too much? :devil:
  8. Wow Frozen, gorgeous bag and amazing photos! i see you also got a Chanel- You have been busy! Is it the time in Alaska where it is dark 24/7? That would be frustrating and COLD!
    Post modeling pics when you can!
  9. Definitely get a First- i just got mine and can't put it down....Love My Violet First:heart::heart::heart:
  10. damn is right!
  11. lovely collection!!!
  12. Fabulous M!!!! I seriously wish they would make silver regular hardware!!!!! That silver just looks fabulous!!!
  13. Thank you N- ITA- me an you both-

    we'd all be scrambling to find those if that were the case!

    how lovely- hopefully BAL will make silver regular hardware- that would be totally H-O-T.
  14. Yummy! I love the wrinkly bag-side!
  15. gorgeous violet FROZEN!!! no, another violet is not too much...i have the work sgh and getting the envelope clutch in that color. violet is such a pretty color that you can use it all the time. btw, BalNY has a violet first and city. saw it there today:p