1. ok, that's just scary :wtf:
  2. Even after reading the positive reviews I have no desire to see this movie. :s
  3. Lmao.....
  4. Eeeek!
  5. Oh holy moley...I can't decide if I want to see it or not! :wtf:

    Could you just imagine?!?!? :nogood:
  6. OMG... Is this real? No right?

    LOL! :roflmfao:
  7. OMIGOSH!!!! :nuts:

    I felt scared/anxious already when I saw the doctor coming in and I knew what he was gonna do.. I get the same feeling when I have mine every yr!!! LOL.. much more with this girl and the "mystery" she has!!! :roflmfao:
  8. LOL vagina dentata
  9. :wtf:
  10. Wow. I can't believe they made this into a movie. Makes me wonder how bad were the plot lines that weren't good enough to make into movies.
  11. Oh dear! Pretty sure, that's not on the "Must See" list.
  12. Looks like a winner:tup: er...I mean... :tdown:
  13. :lol:
  14. :wtf: