This Old Bag

  1. hi - sorry i've been mia*
    but i keep popping on for a pick-me-up when i get a few minutes.
    i would love to see some pictures of the old ladies on this thread! :graucho: hey, i'm talking bags here. :supacool: specifically anything older then 5 year's old - a bag shows some age after 5 years i think (what is that in human years?). if you don't have pics, or are going to use the low-battery, technologically-challenged excuse, then please do still share some observations about your bag and how it has aged (and what type of leather, color, etc.).

    ps - i know a whole lot of mommas on this forum have new babies, but anyone with some life experience in their bags that they can share will help us imagine how they will all one day grow up. :flowers:

    *my grandmother passed away (sorry if it's tmi)
  2. Oh, I love this thread!!! Shopmom has a few to share!!!
  3. Hi Heels!

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope all is well with you and your family.

    Good to see you back, and awesome thread!! I am a new mama so I am also interested in seeing photos of H children... :heart: :heart:
  4. OMG!! I just noticed that you posted about your grandmother in your original post. I am sooo sorry to hear about your grandma Hi Heels!!!
  5. tokyogirl, jag - oh no, really, it is really really okay. or, i am. i just felt so bad about being mia, and silent when i was here, and i didn't want anyone to feel ... i don't know. so i just wanted to explain why. but um, well, that's life, as they say. let's fill our time *here* with hermes - i just really don't want to bring anyone down. no no no. but a million thanks for the sweetness :flowers:

    ahem, let's see some craggly old bags now - or rather, lovingly maintained ones.

    ps jag - your first post made me feel really good. :heart: :heart: :flowers:
  6. well, let me just add a question -
    do all leathers develop a patina? in a different thread, i believe gigi posted a definition :flowers: that it's something specific to a quality piece of leather, in which case, wouldn't all hermes leathers qualify?
  7. I am glad!!!:flowers:

    Now, where are those pics!!! C'mon ladies- post those beauties.
  8. I have an oldie, but I need lessons on how to post pics. Yes, I still don't would take me forever by myself. I will admit it.

  9. oh, but then please, still give us the scoop on how the old lady is doing? the leather, how it ages. hermes bags age gracefully, you know, with trips to the spa instead of the surgeon, but they all have different genes, depending on the leather, so what have you noticed, how has she matured into a beautiful bag over time?
  10. Oh, I LOVE this thread (and Hiheels....:heart: )

    I am partial to the old gals....have a serious weakness for them....and have one which dates from the early '60's and the Croc dates from the '50's! These are my beloved old gal bags and while I can comment and show pics of my toile/Box bag, I can't do anything yet on the Croc since she hasn't made it home yet!

    The toile/leather bag I think is pretty darn fantastic for her age. Her toile is still crisp, clean and pristine looking and the Box leather is fantastic! Not a mark on it and the patina is just lovely! Not shiny...looks almost matte, like Chamonix. I love that it would not have come with the strap and that there's no extra loops at the handle.

    Here she is :love:
  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the old bags....and their hermes....LOL - just kidding!!.....this thread is gonna be great! Shopmom, personally I think they should never have added that extra loop on the handle...makes it hard to hang the lock on!!
  12. I know K! I really love those handles without the extra doohicky.....looks so much cleaner, you know?
  13. I think about 90% of my bags are at least 10 yrs old! They are posted in the "Reference..." thread...I'll try and post them here aswell but I'm not sure I know how to, since my son usually does it for me, and he's away on holiday now...I'll see what I can do...
  14. {{{HUGS}}}

    Now, re: bags. I have an old Hermes pochette, I just have to remember to take pictures. I have to take it in for a clean and condition because the box leather is being weird.
  15. i cat wait to see old beauties in this thread.. this is a great thread.